List of attractions


Discover Budapest on a MonsteRoller E-Scooter

Make your sightseeing adventure more enjoyable and transform Budapest into your exclusive playground. Hire a robust MonsteRoller e-scooter for 1 to 3 hours and explore the landmarks at your leisure.

26.77 US$

Grand Budapest Scooter Tour

Explore Budapest's wonders in a delightful manner by cruising on a scooter. Admire the famous landmarks, breathtaking views, and delve into local history during an amazing 4-hour tour.

63.97 US$

Discover the Nighttime Beauty of Budapest on an Electric Scooter

Experience the enchanting night vistas of Hungary's capital with a guided electric scooter tour. Witness why Budapest is renowned as the "Pearl of the Danube" as you journey from the city streets to the summit of Castle Hill.

47.88 US$

Explore Budapest on Luna E-Scooter

Discover the enchanting medieval streets of Budapest while cruising on a remarkable Luna E-Scooter. Glide in elegance along its vibrant thoroughfares to explore the city's top attractions on these eco-friendly scooters.

12.8 US$

Budapest: MonsteRoller E-Scooter Tour

Explore Budapest aboard an easy and enjoyable e-scooter. Select from 6 distinct tour options to discover Budapest at your own pace.

36.35 US$

E-Scooter Excursion: Buda Castle & Citadel at Dusk

Explore the nighttime beauty of Budapest through a guided e-scooter journey. Experience a mesmerizing sunset while you traverse the city lanes, gazing upon the majestic Buda Castle and the Citadel.

53.01 US$

Unveil the Jewels of Budapest: Segway Expedition Guide

Navigate Budapest's attractions effortlessly on a Segway. Opt for a convenient departure time, and journey around Buda and Pest's iconic sites with an expert local guide.

73.56 US$

Budapest Segway Discovery

Embark on a Downtown Segway adventure in Budapest, allowing you to effortlessly explore the city on wheels within just 90 minutes, all while relishing the outdoor experience. The guide's enlightening commentary will etch this journey into your memory.

47.97 US$